Issue #3 High as a Giraffes Vagina


In this Issue, Gerard bitches about his first world problems...Heh, whats new and we also start solving the worlds problems. Your welcome world. What would you do without us, I'll tell you what, nothing! You would not work, eat or sleep comfy without your most inaccurate, under appreciated, unknown, unoriginal Pod-Fathers telling you what to do. Enjoy Issue #3 you worthless scabs on societies ass cheek.

Listen if you like: Gay, Photography, Diablo 3, Redbox. Crazy surgery, weird news, gross news, news-news, Brad Pitt, Fight Club, Fighting, Parise Hilton, Nicole Richie, Jesus, The Devil, Edward Norton, Taylor Swift,  Rocky, Madonna, Twilight, Britney Spears, Babies, Puppies, Kitties, Cars, Douchebags, Seinfeld, NYC, MMA, Comedy, Kevin Smith, Jay, Silent Bob, Drama, Money, Fame, Movies, Music, Boobs, Asses, Matt Damon, The Mentally Retarded, George Lucus, Drugs, Cars, Pet Rocks, Any form of aids and Bagels, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Canada, Cookie Monster, Computers, Comic  Books, Fried Food, Drugs, Jobs, Adults, MILFs, Sex, Rock N Roll, Ebay, Itunes, Amazon, Jews,  Cows, Penis, Mel Brooks,  Whores, Sluts, Weed, Shrooms, Blowjobs, Tyler Perry, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Will Ferral, Hugh Jackman, Christoper Reeve, Paul Newman, The Duke,  NYC, Red Carpet, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Archer, Deadpool, Ridley Scott, Frank Miller, Bruce Willis, Will Sasso, Brandon Small, Jesus and or Christ,Rich people, Attitudes, Douche bags, Assholes, Tools, Spoiled Brats, Snobs, Yuppies, Aids, Dickheads, Madonna, Twats, Drunks, Drugs, Fame, Hypocrites, Racists, Batman, Chris Farley ,Han Solo, Christopher Walken, Boondocks, Rob Schieder, Adam Sandler ,Thor, Jon Lovitz,Cast Away, Robert Patterson, Blade, Tim Meadows, Harry Potter, Fat kid for Jerry Mcguire,Will Smith,Pulp Fiction, Gilbert Gottfried, Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles, Star Wars, Star Trek, Resident Evil, Transformers, Pussy, Dick, Will Sasso, Will Ferrel, Anchor Man, The Office, He-man, X-men, Excape From L.A., Conan, Terminator, Robocop, Tommy Boy, David Spade, Jamie Foxx, Tom Hanks, Ghost Busters, Lap Tops, Cars, Money, Fame, Holly Wood, Lord of the Rings, Clerks, Kevin Smith, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy, Comic Books, Video Games, Super Man, Spider Man, Captain America, Billy Madison, The Ladies Man, Zoolander, Celebrities, Pizza, Paintings, Kitty cats, Puppy Dogs, Mr. Freeze, Two Face, Nightwing, Fatman, Jokes, Funny, Podcasts, Comedy, Twilight, Jeans, Tight Pants, Bulges, Cock Rings, Condoms, Facebook, Jaws, Music and so much more.

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